Dan Noakes


Dan is an animator/designer who has worked on animated videos for Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, T-Mobile, all the way down to smaller companies and startups. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, learning, backcountry skiing, and writing in his journal.

Michelle Noakes


Michelle, is a graphic designer, who has worked with a number of clients big and small including, United Airlines, Honda, Aussie, Marriott, Verizon, and more.  She loves design, letterpress, Bikram yoga, ballet, baking, and most of all having fun and laughing. She also runs a killer boutique letterpress stationery shop called Kinship. Check it out, you will be happy you did.

Who We Are

Motifize is an animation studio based out of Bend, Oregon. We specialize in creating animated videos for businesses with the goal of using design, animation, and sound to make content that achieves a state of simplicity. We love startups, new ventures, small businesses, and anyone making a difference out there.

We believe that everything is better as an animation, and that anyone has the capability of learning anything. We love what we do, and we love each one of our clients. Feel free to chat with us anytime.

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