Simplifying Complexity through Animation

Motifize Manifesto

Explaining what we do in a nutshell is exactly what we provide to our clients. Simplifying complexity with animation.

Everyone thought I was crazy for this, what do you think?

We believe the best way to do this is through animated videos. We pride ourselves in following the principles of animation in our work to make sure that all of our videos feel good to the viewer’s eye. We also have an uncanny ability to simplify otherwise complex messages, which is crucial in this day and age of short attention spans.

You can communicate your message quickly and effectively with the right script, well-crafted designs, and correctly executed animations. The secret is in the combination of those three mediums, namely design, animation, and sound. Mixing those three together gives the viewer a rich learning experience. That’s because it is much easier to show something than it is to describe it. In fact 83% of all learning occurs visually. Please check out our work and our pricing. Feel free to try out our Script Builder Tool and reach out to us anytime with questions. We love to help people, even if you are not a client of ours, it doesn’t matter, we just love helping people.