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This Simple Step Will Save You Money On Your Next Explainer Video

Quality explainer videos take a lot of time and a bit of money to create, but by following this simple step, you should be able to save money on your next explainer video.

Write The Script Yourself, And We Will Teach You How

The script is the foundation for an explainer video. You must first have a script before any design or animation work begins. You will be able to cut the cost of your next explainer video if you come prepared with a final drafted script. Hand this to your animator, project manager, local agency, whoever, and you will not only cut costs, but you will also cut production time by 2 weeks or more! 

"You are the best person to draft a script."

You know exactly what to say to best explain your product or service, making you the best person to draft a script. You may need a little help, so I have listed some advice and a script builder template on the paragraphs that follow. 

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Two Tips Before Diving Deeper

First, remember to keep it short, I suggest 60-90 seconds in normal reading time length.

Second, leave out the jargon! Write your script in language that a child can understand, trust me, after spending the last 5+ years making explainer videos, simple language is always better for understanding. 

Step-By-Step: How To Write A Script 

I am going to guide you step-by-step on how to draft a script. As an example, I am going reference of a video that we created for Cents, a service that helps pay down your debt. So for each step I will explain what to do, followed by the Cents' Video example. The video is below for viewing. 

Step 1: Grab the Viewers Attention

Begin by writing down one or two sentences that will grab your viewers attention. It can be a question, maybe a fact. Remember to keep it short.  

Cents' Video Example: "What do you dream about? Is it success? More time with friends or loved ones? Maybe travel, or finally owning that home?"

Step 2: Describe The Pain

Your product or service most likely solves a costumer pain or saves people time. Use this step to describe the pain that your customers feel.

Cents' Video Example: "Whatever it is you want, in most cases only one thing holds you back. . . DEBT! Crushing your dreams with monthly payments and demanding interest rates"

Step 3: Make a Bold Statement Or A Rhetorical Question That Leads Viewers Back To Your Product Or Service 

In this step, you are leading the viewer to the solution! That solution is of course your product or service. 

Cents' Video Example: "But what if there was a better way to rid your life of debt?"

Step 4: Introduce Your Product Or Service

In this step, give the elevator pitch, don't dive into details just yet, keep it short. State what your product or service is in one brief sentence. 

Cents' Video Example: "Introducing Cents, a mobile app that actively eliminates your personal financial debt."

Step 5: Describe How Your Product Or Service Works

Explain how your product or service works in more detail. 

Cents' Video Example: "Cents rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and uses your spare change to pay down your debt accounts. Accounts like credit cards, car loans, student loans, or a mortgage. With every swipe of your card, Cents literally helps you avoid paying unnecessary interest on your debts. Whether you're buying groceries or paying rent, every transaction gets you one step closer to living your dream."

Step 6: Conclude 

This is the final step, so you need to wrap everything up. It is best to end where you began, so bring it all back to the intro. In our Cents' example, we began with talking about dreams, so we are going to end with talking about dreams. Please pay attention to how we did it below: 

Cents' Video Example: "So keep dreaming, but let Cents help with the pace and put your debt payoff on autopilot."

There you have it! A guide to how to save money by writing your own script, and a step-by-step tutorial that follows. View the Cents' video below. Following this step will save you money on your next explainer video anywhere you go, whether that be to a freelancer or to an agency. 


Motifize created the video above. Motifize is a full service animation studio that provides scripting, illustration, voice over, storyboarding, animation, and sound design. Everything you need in one place for a complete animated video.

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