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Jive Loves Motifize

"Give a standing ovation for Jive’s new motion graphic explainer video!" -Jive Blog 

With over 35K views on YouTube alone, we are happy for what this video has done for Jive. Jive said that they wanted an explainer video worthy of our company’s success in being named one of Forbes’s 2017 Next Billion-Dollar Startups. That is probably why they also featured it on their home page!

As we started the production of this video, the folks I worked with at Jive said to me that the CEO wants to be wowed, that he doesn't want this to be just another typical explainer video. I was very happy to hear that he was indeed wowed when we handed him the final video. More of what Jive said about us below.

"As shopping experiences often go, we found out that our first choice was outside our budget, but they were more than happy to recommend Motifize. Once we met with Motifize and discussed the project, we knew it was a perfect match."

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