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We've Moved!

This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places

In January of this year, 2018, we decided to make the move to McCall, Idaho. What attracted Michelle and I to this place was the small size of the town, only about 2,000 people, the snow that stays on the ground, making it feel like you are on a permanent vacation, and the beauty of the place and its surroundings. Previously I had never heard of the McCall, and I almost feel bad writing about it given the fact that not too many people outside of the Greater Boise area are familiar with it, which leaves me shocked, but not disappointed. This is one of the most beautiful places that I have lived in and I think what augments the beauty is the people that call this place home. 

Why We Choose McCall

Due to the fact that most, if not all of our work, is in front of a computer, that gives us the flexibility to work wherever there is an Internet connection. The nature of our work is comprised of communication, design, and animation. Communication is done primarily through email and phone, and most of the design work and all of the animation work is done on the computer. That gives us the flexibility to live and work in a place of our choosing. I love to ski, and McCall seemed like a good place for living, working, and skiing. Internet is a big thing for our work, but there are so many ways these days to stay connected Online that we have not come across many places, besides very remote locations where an online connection is not possible, not to say that one day I would love to live completely in the wild, free from Internet, and perhaps I will, who knows. 

Downtown McCall

Downtown McCall

Say Hello Anytime

We love visitors, we love family and friends, so if you are in town, please reach out, we would love to say hi, visit with you, ski with you, whatever. McCall is such a digestible place that when you come visit, you will not feel overwhelmed, in contrast you will feel right at home.