Simplify Complexity with Animation


Motifize Gives Back to School Children in Need of Clothing Through Animation.

Through a partnership with Assistance League (AL) of Bend, Oregon, Motifize was able to help give local school children, in Deschutes County, new clothing that they would otherwise not be able to afford. 

Motifize, an animation studio focused on simplifying complexity, designed and animated a video that will be aired on local television in Central Oregon to promote AL's flagship program, Operation School Bell, which provides new school clothing to children whose families cannot afford to provide them with necessary clothing. All of Motifize’s services were donated.

Motifize's Animation Spreads The Word

Animation is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message, so this video was a great fit for both AL and Motifize. Motifize's founder, Dan Noakes, first met with the good people of AL of Bend, and was so impressed with not only the type of people they were, but also with the work that they’ve done, it was hard for him to say no to this opportunity to give back.

Kids enjoying their new clothes.

Kids enjoying their new clothes.

Strategizing With AL Leadership Was The Key To Success

Without the help of the leadership team at AL, all of whom are volunteers, this animation would not have been possible. Motifize's main point of contact was Susan Emmons, VP of Marketing and Communications. She is well connected with the people of Central Oregon and is very involved with the community, she was perfect to get the video out to the right target audience. Susan took charge of scheduling the air time on KTVZ, and presenting the video at other local events in Central Oregon. 

AL’s Radio Spot Was The Animation’s Voice Over.  

Every animated video starts with a script, which later gets recorded and used as the voice over (VO). AL provided us with their Operation School Bell radio spot to be used as the video's VO. In turn, Motifize used the VO to create the animation's storyboards which can be seen below. Michelle Noakes, Designer and Illustrator at Motifize, decided on a more colorful and kid like treatment that would tell viewers that Operation School Bell is focused around school children. The color pallet and designs fit perfectly for the message. It was one of those pieces that at first glance you think, “man, this just needs to be animated!”

AL storyboards that we designed.

AL storyboards that we designed.

Animation Should Be Used to Educate and Help In Good Causes

Animation is often an underutilized way to give back. Motifize's founder Dan Noakes is passionate of the fact that animation can be used to educate, inform, and enlighten, due to the fact that it is such an effective way to simplify complexity.

The folks at Motifize are very interested in using animation for causes that matter, to enhance education, and to make it easier to understand important subjects. They are often quoted to say that "everything truly is better as an animation."

The end result of this video turned out fantastic and the same feelings were shared by the good members of AL of Bend. Motifize fully supports AL of Bend and all the good that they provide to Central Oregon. If your heart is so inclined, please make a donation to Operation School Bell at the address that follows: