Simplifying Complexity through Animation

Motifize – Animation

–Simplifying Complexity Through Animation

Motifize creates animated videos focused on
simplifying complexity for your business.


Case Studies


Coping with Grief

Winner of two American Advertising Awards. From heartache to hope, a journey through the grieving process.


American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy

Advancing knowledge, awareness, and education of gene and cell therapy.


Timberkids Dentistry

Meet the kind of dentist your kids will
actually want to go to.



The software that makes it easy for a student
to stay on top of things.


Assistance League

23,000 members in 120 chapters nationwide focused on making our communities a better place to live.


How We Motifize

What we do
Motifize is a full service animation studio that provides scripting, illustration, voice over, storyboarding, animation, and sound design. Everything you need in one place for a complete animated video.

Our Philosophy
We believe that anyone can learn anything and that everything is better explained visually. We have a passion for simplifying otherwise complex messages through design, sound, and motion. The word Motifize literally means to transform text into a motion graphic.

Our Process
Every animation starts with a script. After the script is approved, we create style frames to lock down the look of the animation. A voice recording of the script is then recorded based off the approved script. After the style is approved we move on to create storyboard sketches. After the sketches are approved, we create the artwork based off the colored and polished artwork based off the sketches and style. After the artwork we move onto animation, and once animation is complete we lay the voice over on top and add sound effects and music. The final step is to render it all together and deliver it to you!



Meet our Clients

We work one-on-one with our clients to make sure that we deliver exactly what they need.



How to Save Money on your explainer video.png

How To Save Money On Your Animated Explainer Video

We teach you step-by-step how to cut costs on your animated explainer video.


Jive Communications

"Once we met with Motifize and discussed the project, we knew it was a perfect match."


Motifize Gives Back.

Through our partnership with Assistance League of Bend, we are using animation to provide clothing to children in need.


Our  Fans

Motifize’s videos illustrate that animation is excellent for explaing complex ideas.
— Jive Communications
...We’re really excited about the results. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done on this video.
— Cameron Pinegar, Bonneville Communications


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